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 All classes, exocores, and sacred scrolls

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PostSubject: All classes, exocores, and sacred scrolls   Thu Oct 23, 2008 8:28 am

Classes - Characteristics - There are 4 occupational characters in Rumble Fighter, Below is a short description of the 4 types of characters used.

Striker - The basic martial arts specialist, Strikers are strong in physical strength and close combat. This balance makes them ideal for beginners. When using overdrive mode equipment, their close combat skills are even further heightened.

Soul Fighter - Soul Fighters are aptly named because they have the ability to call upon other living souls for power. Strong in speed and jump, but weak in defense, their winning strategy is to hit-and-run, mking them better for experienced users. With their overdrive mode equipment, they can morph into beasts or take on other forms.

Elementist - Elementalists have strong psychic powers which makes their special skill attacks quite powerful, while their offense and defense abilities are weak. Their winning strategy is fighting with their special skills from distance. Their overdrive mode equipment can summon various elemental spirits into battle.

Alchemist - Skilled in the arts of elemental transmutation, Alchemists have gear which offer great defense, but with speed being their obvious drawback. So their winning strategy always involves defense first, then strong attacks with their special skills second. Their overdrive equipment can make huge armor or mechs.

Shaman - Future Release - 15k Carats or Astros

Sacred Scrolls - Unique game system allowing players to change their actions and mimicing the real life fighting styles. Remember its only a game and you shouldn't copy any movements.

Newest Released Scroll

Combat Sambo
- 189 Astros - All Classes
Combat Sambo is a modern martial art, combat sport, and self-defense system developed in the Soviet Union. This combat wrestling style focuses on grabbing and grappling.
Strings - PPP - KKPK - KP (Launcher) - K~G (Ground Attack, Knockdown Attack)

Jeet Kun Do - 141 Astros - All Classes
This scroll contains the martial arts system developed by Bruce Lee. Also known as the Way of the Intercepting Fist, Jeet Kun Do is based on a philosophy which emphasizes "flow" over other fixed-form fighting styles. This style offers true fighters a legendary no-frills technique.
Strings - PPP - PPK - PK - KKK (Launcher)

Boxing - 141 Astros - All Classes
This scroll offers a technical boxing fighter's skill. Despite being seen more as a "sport" in contemparary times, true boxing was developed as one of the original hand-to-hand combat systems, Once caught in a skilled boxer's combination of ducks, weaves, and punches, no martial artist can escape.
Strings - PPPP (Launcher) - KK

- 147 Astros - Striker and Alchemist Only
Karate is a traditional Japanese fighting style influenced by the synergistic mix of ancient Japanese and Chineses Fighting styles. Known by some as "Chineses Hand" and others by "Empty Hand", Karate is primarily a striking art offering practioners a deadly mix of punches, kicks, and elbow/knee strikes.
Strings - PPP - PKK - KKPK - KKK (Launcher)

Koroshu - 150 Astros - All Classes
Splendid yet powerful, this scroll is named Koroshu. this scroll was developed during the war, a soldier without any weapon had to survive only with his bare hands and feet.
Strings - PPP - PK - KKKK - KKP (Launcher)

Drunken Boxing - 150 Astros - All Classes
Otherwise known as Zui Quan (Drunken Fist in Chinese), this style of kung fu is perhaps one of the most mysterious and deadly. By imitating a drunkard, this martial art's staggered moves provides unexpected strikes, from unexpected angles; leading to an extremely effective fighting style based on deception, momentum, and fearlessness.
Strings - PPPP - PPK - PK - KK - KP (Launcher)

Baguazhang - 150 Astros - All Classes
Baguazhang literally translates as "eight trigram palm" in reference to an ancient Chinese philosophy based in taoism and the I Ching. By focusing on counterattacks based off the opponent's movement, Baguazhang exploits physical strength as a weakness. This martila art is extremely effective for fighters seeking a style which offers long, fliud combo attacks.
Strings - PPPP - PPKKK - PP(P+G) (Launcher) - KKK - KP

Pro Wrestling - 157 Astros - All Classes
This scroll is very famous for its back grab attack. Your opponent is not safe anymore, even from the back. Along with many other skills, it renders massive damage to the oppenent with its heavy weight punch and kick.
Strings - PPP - KK - KPK - All Around Grab

Guemgangtu - 160 Astros - All Classes
This scroll trains only the outer muscles and bones to draw lethal attacks against your opponents. this is not a splended looking fighting form, but it does have critical and efficient strikes.
Strings - PPP - KKK - KP (Able to charge by holding P, Guard Breaker when fully charged)

Zin Taekwondo
- 175 Astros - All Classes
This is the upgraded verion of Taekwondo. It replaces all unnecessary dojo skills with practical battle skills. People call this scroll Zin Taekwon with respect.
Strings - PPP - PKK (Able to charge by holding K) - KKKKK - KK(K+G) (Launcher)

Shoot Boxing
- 175 Astros - All Classes
This style takes the basics of Boxing and adds a strong kick and a bone attack skill. Attack the opponent with speed and the lethal unblockable hold punch.
Strings - PPPPP - KKKK - KPP (Launcher) - K~G (Slid from Kick to Guard for Guard Breaker)

Dragon - 175 Astros - All Classes
Strings - PPPP - KKK (Launcher) - KP - KKPPK - K~G (Falcon Kick)
Only masters of Jeet Kun Do can attempt this upgraded style. This fighting form delivers lethal combo and its style is as splendid as a dragon itself.

Capoeria - 175 Astros - All Classes
Strings - PPPPP - KKKKK - K(P+G)K (Launcher) - K~G (Dropped kick)
This scroll features the fighting style developed by slaves. It looks like dancing, but it can deliver fast kicks for devastating damage. this flexible fighting style allows you to adjust yourself to any difficult fighting enviroment.

Judo - 175 Astros - All Classes
Strings - PPPP - KKK - K(K+G) - KP (Launcher) - K~G (Dropped kick) - Dash G (Rolling Move) - Back Grab K-G (Special Counter)
To master Judo, you will need to learn to excel in physical and mental prowess. Judo Masters gain the upper hand in a fight by countering opponents and throwing them onto their backs.

Vale Tudo - 175 Astros - All Classes
Vale Tudo is the Portuguese martial art where anything goes. This brutal fighting style is about beating your enemies at any cost, even if it means hitting them while they are down!
Strings - PPKKK - KKPPK - K(K+G) - KPK (Launcher) - K~G (Dropped kick)

Pa Kua Kwon - 184 Astros - All Classes
This famous ancient Chinese style turns every body part into a weapon. You don't want to be around anyone using this strong close-combat scroll unless you want to experience extreme pain.
Strings - PPP (Able to charge by holding P, Guard Breaker when fully charged) - KKKK - KKPP - KP (Launcher) - K~G (Slid from Kick to Guard for Side Attack)\

Combat Sambo - 189 Astros - All Classes
Combat Sambo is a modern martial art, combat sport, and self-defense system developed in the Soviet Union. This combat wrestling style focuses on grabbing and grappling.
Strings - PPP - KKPK - KP (Launcher) - K~G (Ground Attack, Knockdown Attack)

Street - 5000 Carats - All Classes
This scroll contains a simple but powerful free style fighting skills. This skill only focuses on taking down the enemy.
Strings - PPP - PK - KK

Renegade - 6000 Carats - All Classes
This scroll contains an experienced back street fighter's skill. Formless but effecient for attacking enemy weak points.
Strings - PPPP - PPPK - KK

Jujitsu - 9000 Carats - All Classes
This scroll contains a traditional Japanese martial art, famous for returning the enemy's attack with skill. rather than mindless aggression, this skill uses the enemy's strength to counter attack.
Strings - PPPP - PK - KK

Taekwondo - 11000 Carats - All Classes
This scroll contains the traditonal Korean martial art famous for powerful kicks. Combo attacks made by a series of kicks are very dangerous and effective with this form.
Strings - PP - PKK - KKKK

Kung Fu - 15000 Carats - Striker Only
This scroll contains the famous Chinese art of Kungfu - the basic of all martial arts. The most effective merit of this skill is making your opponents never know when or how your attack comes.
Strings - PPP - PK - KKK

Ninjitsu - 12500 Carats - Soul Fighter Only
This scroll contains the famous martial art of the ninja. This deadly art teaches critical damage attacks and the art of deceptive motions.
Strings - PPPP - PK - KK

Kobudo - 15000 Carats - Elementist Only
This scroll contains a traditional Japanese martial art famous for its quick and sharp chops. Kobudo is especially effective when coupled with close combat weapons.
Strings - PPPP - PK - KK

- 13500 Carats - Alchemist Only
This scroll contains the martial art which blends techniques from Karate, Muay Thai, and grappling. Shidokan offers quick and powerful combos with great defense aswell.
Strings - PPPP - PK - KKK

Murekwon - 19300 Carats - All Classes
Also known as Bear Fighting style, this scroll contains a martial art based in Karate that is most known for it's spinning punches and ax kicks. This fighting style can truly smother your opponents to death.
Strings - PPPP - PK - KKK

- 21500 Carats - All Classes
Based in an ancient Korean fighting style, this scroll contains the martial art most known for having the widest variety of kicks, Practiced for centuries, Taekkyon has a fluid style unlike its fixed-form descendent, Taekwondo.
Strings - PP - PK - KKKK

Muay Thai - 27000 Carats - All Classes
Also known as Thai Boxing, this scroll contains the martial art which utilizes the Art of the Eight Limbs (hands, feet, elbows, knees) to KO opponents, In hand-to-hand combat, Muay Thai fighters can stand up to any style in the world.
Strings - PPPK - PKK - KKK

Mao Gong - 29000 Carats - All Classes
Also known as Cat Style Kungfu, this scroll contains the martial art based in studying the movements of the cat. Quick and deceptive, Mao Gong practitioners attack with slides, flurries, and spins.
Strings - PPPP - PK - KP - KKK

Shaolin - 29000 Carats - All Classes
Practiced since the 5th Century by monks in China, this scroll contains the basic fighting elements of the legendary Shaolin Monks, Hardened by years of physical discipline and mental meditation, Shaolin kungfu has influenced almost all other martial arts around the world. Use this skill to perform extremely forceful, yet quick, attacks.
Strings - PPPP - PKP - KKK - KP

Drunken Master - 41000 Carats - All Classes
A very unpredictable and stylish martial arts style that was invented to keep the mind from feeling pain and the body relaxed. The swaying motion distracts the opponent long enough to find an open spot for the perfect attack.
Strings - PPPP - KKKK - KK(K+G) (Launcher) - KP - K~G (Ground Attack/Second Launcher)

Unreleased Scroll

Black Mist Ninjutsu - 39k Carats

Exile - 39.5k Carats

Lucha Libre - 41k Carats

Avenger - 41.5k Carats

Persona - 184 Astros - All Classes

Commando Sambo - Astro Item - 5300 cs on gf

Blood Wind Ninjutsu - Astro Item - 5300 cs on gf

Muscle Buster - Astro Item - 5500 cs on gf

Stringer Boxing - Astro Item - 5500 cs on gf


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All classes, exocores, and sacred scrolls
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