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 For Alchemist

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PostSubject: For Alchemist   Mon Aug 25, 2008 4:47 pm

If you are going to use the begining exo for Alchemist, I suggest you have a fast kicking scroll with you as well. The melee stikes for this exo are extremely slow, but it requires the "X" move. Kicking is "C", so if you plan on attacking and your opponent blocks, fool them by adding a fast kick combo to your spam. Slow+Fast= Very Happy . The "B" special for this exo can attack an opponent from behind if you are spamming him and he doesnt stop blocking. His block wont work unless he blocks from behind him or if he has a shell. It can slow be helpfull on skinny platforms, because it attacks directly in front of you and can lift your opponents off the edge by sending them to the sides. The "V" special for this exo can lift your opponent up a fence if his back is facing you, so a easy kill if he thinks your going to grab him and he tries to block from behind. If you need a visual example on the ways I just explained, just add me (TheBrawler) and I'll show you personally.
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For Alchemist
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